Protecting the public

The College of Dietitians of Ontario has a legal obligation to serve and protect the public interest. It sets and enforces standards for RDs to offer safe, ethical and competent food and nutrition services. Through its Quality Assurance Program, the College monitors a dietitian's practice throughout their career for continuing competence. 

The College also investigates complaints or reports about the performance and conduct of Registered Dietitians. Through its complaints and reports resolution processes, it decides whether a dietitian needs to be guided to improve their practice or whether another action is needed such as suspending or revoking their certificate of registration. 

Contact the Registrar & Executive Director of the College if you have concerns about the services of a dietitian or if you need information about the complaints process or how to make a complaint.

Register of Dietitians

The Register of Dietitians is an important tool for the public to verify that a Registered Dietitian is qualified to practice in Ontario. The Register contains business contacts, restrictions on a dietitian’s practice, if there are any, and gives important information about a dietitian’s registration and disciplinary history. 


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