Five College Programs

The College of Dietitians of Ontario has developed five programs to regulate and govern the profession of dietetics in the interest of public protection. 

  1. The Registration Program
  2. The Quality Assurance Program
  3. The Practice Advisory Program
  4. The Patient Relations Program
  5. The Standards and Compliance Program

Registration Program

The Registration program ensures that:
  • Only qualified and competent people become RDs in Ontario;
  • Only CDO members use the RD title;
  • Registration practices are fair, objective, transparent and impartial;
  • The Register of Dietitians is accurate and current;
  • Financial resources to regulate and support RDs in the interest of the public.
The Registration Program is responsible for :
  • Establishing the standards of qualification for persons to be issued a Certificate of Registration
  • Providing info to public/applicants
  • Assessing qualifications
  • Administering equivalency assessments
  • Issuing certificates of registration
  • Renewing Registrations - information collection and payment
  • Investigating and handling inappropriate use of RD title

Quality Assurance Program

The Quality Assurance Program fulfills the requirements set out by the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991, to develop, operate and monitor learning and assessment tools to support Registered Dietitians in continuing competency and education. 

All members of the College, regardless of their employment status or area of practice, and including members practising and/or residing out-of-province, are required to participate in the Quality Assurance Program.

Program goals include:
  • Maintenance and improvement of member competence;
  • Raising the bottom-line performance of members by focusing on client outcomes;
  • Identifying and addressing issues with a member's competence that can be remediated.

Practice Advisory Program

The Practice Advisory Program provides advice, assistance and education to members on practice issues such as standards, laws, ethics and regulations. It offers:
  • One-to-one support to members
  • Practice articles published in the quarterly newsletter, résumé
  • Workshops and presentations to members
  • Online resources on the College website

Patient Relations Program

The Patient Relations Program provides information and services to support the public's access to RDs and CDO's services. It is responsible for:
  • Public education about how the College works in the interest of the public for safe, competent and ethical dietetic services by Registered Dietitians.
  • Member education regarding client relations.
  • Maintaining a system for funding for counselling and therapy of sexually abused clients.
  • Staff training for handling complaints of a sexual nature.

Standards and Compliance Program

The Standards and Compliance Program develops and maintains programs and standards to assist individuals to exercise their rights under the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 (RHPA) and to ensure that RDs practice competently and ethically in keeping with the standards and laws that affect them.

This program ensures that issues of conduct, competency and fitness to practice are handled in a fair, effective, transparent and legal way. It relates to the Discipline Committee, the Fitness to Practice Committee and the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee. It also works with Patient Relations to prevent and address sexual abuse of patients.