ResponsIbility and Accountability

The College is accountable to the public to fulfill its public protection duty. This is effectively done through accountabilities to the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care ensuring that:
  • legal processes and proceedings regulating the practice of dietetics are carried out according to the laws set out in the Regulated Health Professions Act and the Dietetics Act.
  • the required public representation on Council. Seven of the fifteen members on the College Council are public members who have been appointed by the Ontario Provincial Government to represent public interests;
  • there is public representation on College Committees where at least one public member sits on each of the seven College statutory committees;
  • Council meetings and discipline hearings are open to the public; and
  • the College submits an annual report of its activities to the Minister of Health & Long Term Care.

Fair and Objective Registration Practices

The College of Dietitians is also accountable to the Fairness Commissioner to ensure that its registration practices are transparent, objective, impartial and fair. A report is filed to the Fairness Commissioner on the results and processes of registration practices when requested to do so and by the date specified by the Commissioner. The registration review must include:
  1. the demonstration that the requirements for registration are necessary for the practice of the profession;
  2. the efficiency and timeliness of registration decision-making; and
  3. the reasonableness of registration fees.