Current Dietetic Knowledge and Competence

In the interest of the public, the College must ensure that all Registered Dietitians maintain current dietetic knowledge and competence to provide safe dietetic services to Ontarians. An applicant who wishes to register with the College after being away from dietetic practice for some time must demonstrate that their knowledge, skill and judgment (competencies) are still current. This can be done in several ways:
  1. Graduation from education or practical training within the past three years.
  2. Providing proof that they have been registered in another jurisdiction and practiced safely in that jurisdiction within the past three years (i.e. no history of discipline, incompetence or restrictions on practice).
  3. Passing the Canadian Dietetic Registration Examination within the past three years.
  4. Submitting a portfolio of upgrading activities (professional development) acceptable to the Registration Committee.

Demonstrating Currency

If it has been between 3 and 10 years since an applicant graduated or was registered and practised as a dietitian, the applicant may choose to write the CDRE or submit a portfolio of upgrading activities.  If the gap is more than 10 years, the applicant must complete an upgrading activities portfolio. 
An applicant who has never passed the CDRE must write the exam, even if they choose to submit an upgrading activities portfolio to demonstrate currency.

Writing the CDRE

Writing the CDRE is a non-exemptible requirement. 
An applicant who chooses to write the CDRE to demonstrate currency, even if they have passed the exam before, is not eligible for a temporary certificate while they wait for the results of the exam  
  • If the applicant passes the exam, they will be issued a General Certificate of Registration.
  • If the applicant fails the exam, they must complete upgrading activities as set out below. 

Upgrading Activities

An applicant may choose or be required to complete upgrading activities in order to meet the registration requirement for current dietetic knowledge and competence.  The activities will be evaluated against the national entry to practice competencies, the Integrated Competencies for Dietetic Education and Practice.  These competencies are divided in to 5 categories:
  1. Professional Practice
  2. Communication and Collaboration
  3. Nutrition Care (Clinical)
  4. Population and Public Health
  5. Management (of Food Services).
The applicant will use the Upgrading Activities Form to document activities completed.  All applicants must demonstrate currency in the competency areas of Professional Practice and Communication and Collaboration. Each applicant may choose, however, whether they wish to demonstrate the currency of their knowledge and skills in all three remaining areas. If the applicant chooses to demonstrate currency in only one or two of the competency areas, their certificate of registration will limit their practice to the areas where they have demonstrated competence.  
For example, Fatima wishes to return to practise after an absence of eight years. Prior to her absence from the profession, she had been practising in public health and this is the only area where she wishes to practise when she returns. Fatima chooses to complete upgrading activities under the competency categories of: 1. Professional Practice; 2. Communication and Collaboration; and 4. Population and Public Health.  When her submission is reviewed and accepted by the College, she is issues a certificate of registration with terms, conditions and limitations permitting her to practise only in the area of population and public health. 
If Fatima decides to move to a job in Nutrition Care sometime in the future, she would use the same form to guide her in completing upgrading activities under the competency area of nutrition care.  When these activities are approved by the College, the limitations on her certificate would be changed to permit her to practice in in population and public health or nutrition care (but not food services management).  
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For questions about the currency requirement or completing upgrading activities, contact Heena Vyas, Registration Coordinator (  

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