Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is mandatory for Registered Dietitians who are practising dietetics in Ontario (see College Definition of Practising Dietetics). College members who work outside of dietetics are not required to hold liability insurance. RDs who are not working (e.g., unemployed or are on a leave such as mat-leave) are not practising and are not required to hold liability insurance.

College By-Law 5, Professional Liability Insurance Coverage Requirements for Members, stipulates the minimum insurance coverage and deductible required as follows:


1.01 A member engaging in the practice of dietetics shall maintain professional liability insurance coverage with the following characteristics:

a. The minimum coverage shall be no less than $2,000,000 per occurrence.
b. The aggregate coverage shall be no less than $5,000,000.
c. The deductible shall be no more than $1,000.
Please note that the College has the authority to suspend members who do not carry liability insurance while practising or who do not provide proof of their liability insurance coverage when asked to do so.
For more information, contact the Practice Advisory Service