Scope of Practice

Each profession under the Regulated Health Professions Act has a scope of practice statement that describes, in broad terms, what that profession does. For dietitians, the statement is set out in the Dietetics Act, Section 3, as follows: 
"The practice of dietetics is the assessment of nutrition and nutritional conditions and the treatment and prevention of nutrition related disorders by nutritional means." 
Presently, there is no exclusivity to this statement. People who are not dietitians can provide these services unless they contravene a provision of the Dietetics Act. This means that people who are not dietitians must not use the title "dietitian". They must also not do things or omit to do things which might reasonably result in seriously harming someone. 
The primary purpose of the scope of practice statement is to educate dietitians and the public about the focus of the dietetic profession. The College uses the scope of practice statement, for example, to define parameters for developing and supporting compliance of standards.