Access the Services of an RD

The Register of Dietitians

Consult the College's Register of Dietitians to verify who is qualified to practice as a Registered Dietitian in Ontario. The Register includes:
  • An RD's Name 
  • Registration # 
  • Language(s) of dietetic services (if applicable) 
  • Previous Name (if applicable) 
  • Employer(s) name, address, and telephone number (if applicable) 
  • Terms, Conditions, and Limitations (if applicable) 
  • Results of Proceedings (if applicable)
  • Finding of Sexual Abuse (if applicable) 

Search Online for an RD

You can access the services of a Registered Dietitian by consulting your physician or other primary care provider and by searching online for a “Registered Dietitian” in your area. 
Although dietitian services are not covered by OHIP, there are many government funded services through Family Health Teams, Community Health Centres, Diabetes Education Programs, Hospitals and Long-Term Care Residences. Many insurance companies also offer benefits for nutrition services by Registered Dietitians. 

Dietitians of Canada Listing

You can also find a dietitian in your area by consulting the Dietitians of Canada website at

Eat Right Ontario “Ask a Dietitian”

Free and reliable nutrition information is available through Eat Right Ontario, “Ask a Dietitian”.
1. Talk to a Dietitian 
Call toll free from anywhere in Ontario: 
Monday - Friday: 9 am - 5 pm 

2. Email a Dietitian
Receive a personalized reply within 3 business days.
3. Visit EatRight Ontario
Find downloadable videos, menu plans, recipes, cooking tips, and articles on popular nutrition topics. 



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