Making a complaint

For concerns about the services of a dietitian, information about the complaints process, or for help in making a complaint, please contact the Registrar & Executive Director of the College of Dietitians Ontario.

A complaint made to the College of Dietitians of Ontario:

  • must be in writing, on visual or audio tape, or on any other recorded format.
  • must identify specific member(s) of the College and specific action(s), conduct or behavior.
  • must be signed or attested to by the complainant.
  • must be related to action(s) or incident(s) which occurred after December 31, 1993.

The College of Dietitians of Ontario is required by law to investigate complaints filed with the Registrar & Executive Director regarding the conduct or the actions of a dietitian. Responding to complaints is one of the ways that the College of Dietitians of Ontario fulfills its mandate of protecting the public. Every complaint filed with the College will be reviewed by a panel of the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee.

A copy of the complaint will be given to the dietitian who is being complained about. While the College of Dietitians of Ontario does maintain confidentiality with regards to complaints, information gathered during the investigation may be provided to the dietitian or their representative for the purpose of responding to the issues raised in the complaint.

If the complainant or the dietitian is not satisfied with the decision of the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee Panel, he/she may request a review of the Panel’s decision by the Health Professions Review and Appeal Board. If this occurs, all information reviewed by the Panel must be provided by the College to the Board. The Board will disclose this documentation to both parties. 

Complaints of Sexual Abuse

In the event that a Registered Dietitian sexually abuses a patient or client, the College of Dietitians of Ontario has funding available for that patient or client for counselling and therapy. See links below for more information: