Staff Directory

The College of Dietitians of Ontario

5775 Yonge Street
Suite 1810, Box 30
Toronto ON M2M 4J1

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the College is operating a virtual office until further notice. All staff are working from home.  No one is at the College to receive packages or for  walk-in visits. 

Please use regular mail  (not registered mail) to deliver your documentation  to the College and it will be rerouted by Canada Post to an alternate address.  Do not deliver it by hand or by courier service as no one is at the College to receive it. 

416-598-1725 OR 1-800-668-4990

Executive Office

Laura Sheehan, M.Ed
Interim Registrar & Executive Director, ext. 228

Jada Pierre, MA
Executive and General Duties Administrative Assistant, ext. 221

Sandra Brazel, RD, MSc
Manager, Governance and Operations, ext. 261

Lisa Dalicandro (On Leave)
Manager, Governance and Operations

Sarah Ahmed, CPA, CMA
Director of Finance and Corporate Services, ext. 226

Josna Aykkara
Finance & Accounting Administrator, ext. 242

Professional Practice Program

416-598-1725 / 1-800-668-4990, ext. 397

Carole Chatalalsingh PhD., RD
Director of Professional Practice and Quality Assurance, ext. 233

Diane Candiotto MNSP, RD
Practice Advisor & Policy Analyst, ext. 225

Samantha Thiessen, MHSc., RD
Practice Advisor & Policy Analyst, ext. 268

Bev Nopra
Quality Assurance Program Analyst, ext. 234

Mary Gong
Professional Practice Program Administrator, ext. 235

Registration Program
416-598-1725 / 1-800-668-4990, ext. 395
Deborah Cohen MHSc, RD
Director of Registration, ext. 224

Heena Vyas
Registration Program Analyst, ext. 231

Ivy Marzan
Registration Program Administrator, ext. 232



Colin Ellis
Director of Communications, ext. 222

Information Technology

Lisa Kershaw
Manager of Information Technology, ext. 229