strategicplan and goals

Strategic Plan 2020-2025 (Full Version)

Strategic Plan 2020-2025 (One-Page Version)

Note: The Strategic Plan was extended by one year by the College's Board of Directors in December 2022.

Our strategic end goals define the results we aim to achieve. The strategic plan is intended to:

  • Guide the efforts of Council, Committees and Staff

  • Focus our energy and help us allocate resources into areas that the Council believes are necessary to fulfill our mission over the next few years

  • Provide the public, our members and stakeholders with insight into how the College intends to fulfill its mission and vision.

Four strategic Goals 

Approved by Council March 27, 2020

Goal 1

Measure and report  the College's regulatory performance to the public.

Goal 2

Communicate effectively to support the public’s understanding of the College's mandate, services and resources.

Goal 3

Make decisions in accordance with a risk (harm reduction) framework.

Goal 4

Update the College's governance model in accordance with evidence-based practices.