strategicplan and goals

Strategic Plan 2016-2020 (Full Version)

Our strategic end goals define the results we aim to achieve. The strategic plan is intended to:

  • Guide the efforts of Council, Committees and Staff
  • Focus our energy and help us allocate resources into areas that the Council believes are necessary to fulfill our mission over the next few years
  • Provide the public, our members and stakeholders with insight into how the College intends to fulfill its mission and vision.

Goals & Objectives (Full Version)

Goal 1

A Robust Regulatory Framework for the Quality and Safety of Dietetic Practice.

Goal 2

Competent Members Engaged in Effective Informed Practice.

Goal 3

Stakeholders Recognize the College as an Accountable Regulator for Public Protection.

Goal 4

A Collaborative Partner.

Goal 5

An Effective Organization with Optimal Use of Resources.