Educated in Canada - Accredited Programs

This information is intended for individuals who have graduated or are about to graduate from Canadian academic and practical training programs in dietetics which have been accredited by the Partnership for Dietetics Education and Practice (PDEP).

If this is not you, click on the appropriate link below:

Getting Started

Before you begin your application with the College there are two important steps you must take:
  1. Add the College’s domain ( to your email service’s safe senders list (also called white list). The College sends many important communications by email (some of them automated).  If your email provider blocks the automated emails or sends them to your junk folder,  you may not receive important information about your application.
  2. Review the information on this page about the registration requirements and required documents to ensure that your application is complete and you have arranged for all documents to be sent to the College.

The following is a list of the documents that are required with your application form. Some documents, like transcripts, must be sent directly to the College by a third party. Make sure you plan for these documents to prevent any delays at the end of the application process.

Important Note:

Registration Program staff is available to answer questions about the application process and required documents, however registration decisions are made by the Registrar and/or the Registration Committee. Registration Program staff cannot tell you whether or not you meet the requirements or predict whether you will be eligible for registration with the College.

Application Form

Please note the following important information about submitting your application:

  • The application form must be sent by mail. Faxed or emailed applications are not accepted;
  • The application form must include your original signature. No electronic signatures or photocopied forms will be accepted;
  • Review your form to make sure you have completed and signed all sections of the form. If any section of your application form is incomplete, you will be required to submit a new form.
  • All applications are processed in the order in which they are received.
    • If you choose to deliver your application to the College in person, reception staff will date-stamp your application and it will be placed in the queue with all other applications.  
    • Staff will not open and review hand-delivered applications

Complete and sign this Application Form and send it to the College by mail. 


Official Transcripts

You must arrange for official transcripts to be sent directly to the College from each post-secondary institution that you have attended.

This includes transcripts related to:

  • Your accredited dietetics degree
  • Any other degrees you have completed
  • Any other post-secondary institution where you have completed other courses (for example transfer credits or upgrading courses)
  • Courses completed through a CEGEP program in Quebec
Important Information about transcripts
  • You can submit official transcripts that have been provided to you by your university if the transcripts are provided unopened with a university seal on the envelope.
  • If the transcript related to a degree does not state that the degree was conferred or awarded, you must arrange for the University to provide an official letter confirming that all degree requirements have been met. This letter must also be sent directly to the College from the University. 

Proof of Accredited Practical Training

You must arrange for an official letter to be sent directly to the College confirming that you have successfully completed an accredited internship or practicum program in Canada. 


Name Change Information

If your official transcripts are under a different name than the one you are currently using, you must enclose proof of your change in name with this application (e.g. document showing your old name (i.e. marriage certificate) and a government issued ID showing your current name (i.e. driver’s license, passport).


Proof of Authorization to Work in Canada

If you are not a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident, you must provide a copy of your work permit or study permit which permits you to practise dietetics in Canada.  

Don’t have a work permit yet?

Authorization to work in Canada is one of the requirements for registration with the College.  If you have met all of the other registration requirements, the College may consider issuing a certificate of registration which would permit you to use the title of dietitian, but which would restrict you from working until you provide proof of your authorization to work in Canada.   In order to consider this option, you must submit proof that you have applied for a work permit, study permit, or visa.  

Once the College has received all of the required documents, your application will be assessed to determine whether you meet the requirements for registration.  See Registration Requirements for detailed information about each of the requirements. 

The College will begin processing your application when it receives your completed application form and all required fees.

When your application is opened, you will receive a confirmation email which will include your CDO ID and a temporary password. Use this ID and password to access the CDO dashboard where you can monitor the progress of your application, including the status of your application and a list of which documents have been received and which documents are still outstanding in order to complete your application. The College updates the information about received documents and application status daily.

Completing the registration process can take from 5 to 10 business days from the time that the College receives all of the required documents, but this is a guideline only. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure the timely delivery of all documentation and other information requested by the College.

Answering “yes” to certain questions on the declaration means the College may require additional information to support your application. This information will be reviewed by the College’s Registrar and, in some cases will be referred to the Registration Committee, which will extend the time it takes to process your application.  

Factors that may delay the processing of your application include:

  • Failing to complete and sign all sections of the application form;
  • Failing to arrange for official transcripts and letters confirming the completion of your accredited dietetics degree and practical training; 
  • Information about your conduct or health that may require further review and follow-up;
  • Failing to produce other documents requested by the College;

The CDRE is a non-exemptible requirement. This means that you must pass the CDRE in order to become eligible for registration. To be eligible to write the CDRE, you must be assessed by a provincial regulatory body to have met the education and practical training requirements.  Click here for more information about the CDRE.  

Only members of the College can practise as a dietitian in Ontario using the titles “dietitian,” “Registered dietitian (RD),” “Dietetiste (Dt.P),” or “Dietetiste Professional (Dt.P).”

It is illegal for anyone to use any of these titles in Ontario without a valid certificate of registration issued by the College.

Your status as an RD informs the public that all individuals who identify themselves as dietitians have the knowledge, skill and judgment required to provide safe and ethical dietetics care.

If you wish to begin practicing dietetics while you wait for the result of the CDRE, you have the option of applying for a Temporary Certificate of Registration.  See Temporary Class for more information.