New College Criteria for Supervisory Dietitians

Posted: April 6, 2020

Publié le 6 April 2020

The College has revised its policy for approvinig dietitians for supervision of applicants completing practical training (independent practicum, upgrading activities) and supervison of  temporary members who have failed the exam on their first attempt.

College Regestration Policy 2-11: Approving Supervisory Dietitians was recently revised to specify the criteria that the College’s Registration Committee will use to approve dietitians who:

  • supervise and evaluate applicants completing practical training experiences for submission to the College (e.g. Independent Practicum; Upgrading Activities); and

  • supervise Temporary Members who failed the registration examination on their first attempt.

Dietitians must not agree to supervise a student if they do not meet the criteria. Click here to view the policy. 

Note: This policy does not apply to Dietitians who supervise students within accredited dietetic practical training programs. Accredited programs may have their own preceptor/supervisor criteria, and are free to adopt any/all of College Policy 2-11, as appropriate.

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