Annual Renewal

As a member of the College, you must renew your certificate of registration each year in order to continue practicing as a dietitian in Ontario.

Renewing your membership involves updating information about your employment status, areas of practice and education,  answering declaration questions and paying an annual fee. Please note that coinciding with your annual renewal is the Quality Assurance requirement of submitting your Self-Directed Learning Tool, unless you are exempt.

Members must renew their registration each year from September 1 to October 31.  Members who fail to complete the annual renewal, and pay the renewal fee by October 31, risk having their membership suspended and ultimately revoked.

To renew your registration, access your member dashboard and click on Renewal and Fee Payment, at any time between September 1 and October 31.

For information on how College fees are set, click here.

For any questions, please email

By renewing your membership, you help protect the public in three important ways:

  1. You help ensure that everyone practising as a dietitian in Ontario is registered with the College, and their information is accurate and up-to-date. This helps the College to perform it’s regulatory functions, like investigating complaints, maintaining a Quality Assurance Program, and identifying individuals who attempt to practise (or who are practising) dietetics illegally.
  2. When you renew, you provide the College with information about dietetic practice. We analyze this information and share it with government, media and other stakeholders who require a realistic picture of the size, distribution and areas of practice of the province’s dietitian population. 
  3. Some of the information from your renewal form is required by law to appear on the Register of Dietitians.

It may seem like we’re collecting a lot of information, but it’s all required under the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991.

The Annual Renewal Guide explains why each question is asked and how that information is used by the College. Some of the information is used by the College to perform our regulatory functions (like the Quality Assurance Program, investigating reports and complaints and identifying individuals who are illegally using the RD title). Some of the information is required to appear on the College’s Register of Dietitians. The College is also required to provide some of the information to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (the Ministry), in anonymized format, to inform government policies and programs.

The College and the Ministry rely on members to answer the questions in the Annual Renewal Form truthfully and accurately. For this reason, the College includes “declarations”, where the member confirms or declares that the answers they have provided are accurate. 

Your answers must accurately reflect your situation on the day that you complete the renewal form and answer the declaration questions, even if you expect your status to change in the near future. This is important to keep in mind, because section 25 of the Professional Misconduct Regulation indicates that “signing or issuing, in the member’s professional capacity, a document that the member knows contains a false or misleading statement”, is professional misconduct. If you have any questions about how to answer a question in the Annual Renewal Form, you should consult the Annual Renewal Guide, or Contact the College.

Each page of the Annual Renewal Form includes a link to the Annual Renewal Guide.  This guide includes an explanation for why the College asks this question and provides definitions for all of the possible answers. If you still have questions after reviewing the Annual Renewal Guide, you may wish to Contact the College.