You must formally notify the College, online or in writing, if you intend to resign your registration. If you fail to advise the College that you are resigning, your certificate of registration may be suspended or revoked for failing to renew your membership and pay your fees.

Suspensions and revocations are noted in your file with the College, and will remain on the Register of Dietitians indefinitely. The Register of Dietitians is publicly available on the College's website.

Resignations Accepted in Writing and Online

To resign in writing: Send a signed letter or fax indicating your intention to resign, the effective date and the reason of your resignation (e.g. retirement, moving to another province or country, going back to school, etc.).
To resign online: Login to your member dashboard and select "Resign your Membership".

Restrictions on the Use of the Dietitian Title

Section 7 of the Dietetics Act, 1991, prohibits any person who is not a member of the College from:

1.  using the title dietitian, a variation or abbreviation or an equivalent in another language; and

2.  holding oneself out as a person who is qualified to practice in Ontario as a dietitian or in a specialty of dietetics.

A breach of the Act could result in a fine of up to $25,000 for a first offence and $50,000 for a subsequent offence.


If, in the future, you choose to reapply to the College, you must meet all the registration requirements in force at the time of your reapplication, including but not limited to:

  • a demonstration of the currency of your competence in dietetic practice if you have not been registered as a dietitian in another jurisdiction or have not practiced as a dietitian within 3 years of the date of reapplication, as articulated in Policy 3-30 Assessing Currency for Applicants; and

  • successful completion of the Canadian Dietetic Registration Examination (CDRE), a non-exemptible requirement if not already successfully completed.

Documentation Requirements for Reapplication

Consult the College website for information about the forms and documentation needed for reapplications. All former registrants who re-apply for registration will be required to:

  • complete an application form;
  • submit all supporting documents, including original transcript(s) sent directly from universities if these are not already on file with the College; and
  • pay the application fee.


It is important to maintain your Ontario registration in effect until you are registered in another province. All Canadian provinces have entered into a formal agreement recognizing the qualifications of dietitians in other provinces.

When applying for registration in another Canadian jurisdiction, members who have not submitted original transcripts and internship completion documents to the College may be asked to include them with their application. For more information please contact these provincial dietetic regulatory bodies directly.