2020 Council Elections - Districts 2 & 4

Posted: January 8, 2020

Publié le 8 January 2020

This year, Council elections are being held in Districts 2 and 4.

What is Council?

Council is responsible for governing the College and regulating Ontario’s dietetic profession in the public interest. It sets the College’s strategic direction, monitors its activities, establishes by-laws, standards and regulatory policies. Council is composed of approximately 15 councillors – eight elected dietitians and five to seven members of the public appointed by the government.

Time Commitment Required

Being part of Council requires a significant time commitment and flexibility in your schedule to accommodate meetings and other College obligations.
Council meets at least four times a year. These one to two-day meetings take place at the College and in-person attendance is expected. Before each Council meeting, preparation time is typically 5-7 hours.
In addition to Council meetings, councillors must sit on at least two committees. The time commitment for each committee varies based on the workload. The table below gives a general idea of the time commitment expected for each committee.
If you are considering running for election, discuss the time commitment with those who may be affected, such as your employer. If elected, it is important that you are available to participate on Council and committees.
Committee Meeting details Prep time
Executive Committee Eight meetings per year
  • Six – two-hour teleconferences
  • Two – full-day, in-person
½ day
Registration Committee Six, full-day, in-person meetings per year Full day
Quality Assurance Committee 20 meetings per year
  • Three – full-day, quarterly, in-person
  • 17 – 1 ½ hour panel teleconferences
½ to full day
Inquiries, Complaints & Reports Committee Eight meetings per year
  • Six – one to two-hour teleconferences
  • Two – full-day, in-person
Full day
Discipline & Fitness to Practice Committees Meetings as needed based on hearings requirements Varies
Patient Relations Committee One to two meetings per year
  • One – one-hour teleconference
  • One – full-day, in-person, as needed
Professional Practice Committee Four meetings per year
  • One – full-day, in-person
  • Three – ½ day teleconferences
½ day
Audit Committee One to two meetings per year
  • Two-hour teleconferences
½ to full day
Election Committee Meets as needed Varies
Registrar Performance & Compensation Review Committee Two meetings per year ½ day

Councillors Receive an Honorarium

Councillors receive an honorarium for expenses related to College work including meeting preparation, meeting time, travel, accommodation and meals.

You are eligible to run as a candidate for elections if you:

  • Are a general member of the College.
  • Are nominated by six dietitians who are in your electoral district.
  • Are nominated in the same electoral district as your designated primary employer; and if you do not have an employer, your primary contact address.
  • Complete and submit the Conflict of Interest form by the deadline. The form is available here.

You are not eligible to run if:

  • There are any terms, conditions or limitations on your certificate of registration.
  • You have been revoked or suspended in the last six years, for any reason other than non-payment of fees.
  • You are currently the subject of any disciplinary or incapacity proceedings.
  • There has been a finding against you of professional misconduct, incompetence or incapacity in the last three years.
  • You have been disqualified by Council from serving on Council or a committee in the last three years.
  • You currently hold a position that would result in a competing fiduciary obligation if you were elected as a councillor.

Interested in running for Council?

If you are interested in running for Council and meet the eligibility requirements, you will need to do the following:

1. Complete and submit the nomination form for your district by February 7, 2020 (Forms: District 2 or District 4).

2. Review and sign the College’s conflict of interest form by February 24, 2020.

3. Optional: Candidate statements and photos will be included in the election package provided to eligible voters. This gives candidates the opportunity to highlight their experience, qualifications and reasons for wanting to be a part of Council. If you would like your statement included, send your statement and photo along with your signed conflict of interest form. Statements should be between 200 and 500 words.

4. Send all forms, your statement and photo to


If you have any questions about the College’s elections, e-mail

Elections Conducted Electronically

To participate and vote in these elections, you must have a current email with the College. Please make sure the College has your current email on file.