Update regarding the shortage of infant formula for babies with food allergies

Posted: May 30, 2022

Publié le 30 May 2022

The College is notifying dietitians of the following update from Health Canada as it may be applicable to their dietetic practice.

A food recall warning was issued in February 2022 in relation to certain powdered infant formula products manufactured at Abbott’s facility in Sturgis, Michigan. This facility is a key supplier of specialty infant feeding products in Canada and the United States. The Sturgis facility remains closed. This situation has affected the availability of hypoallergenic formula and extensive hydrolyzed formulas in Canada and abroad and the current supply situation is likely to continue for several months.1, 2According to Health Canada, conservation measures should be implemented to manage the existing supply2

Health Canada is taking this situation very seriously and is actively working to mitigate the effects of this shortage, including the publication of an interim policy to facilitate the importation of equivalent infant formula products and a list of products suitable for importation. To support ongoing information sharing, Health Canada is hosting regular discussions for all interested system partners.

The College encourages dietitians to stay informed on infant formula shortages that may affect their client safety, including recalls, shortages, adverse reactions, and other safety notices. As always, dietitians are encouraged to work in a participatory and coordinated approach with interprofessional colleagues to support the safe delivery of collaborative care and equitable distribution of resources.

Full details can be found in this Health Canada update for health care professionals. To join the Health Canada stakeholder registry, click Stakeholder Registry. For updates, please refer to the Health Canada webpage.

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