Regulation Matters 2019 - Issue 1

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Ethics and Professionalism: Knowing and Doing

Applying a process of critical thinking, reflection and decision-making is the foundation of what it means to be professional. The 2019 Fall Workshop, Ethics and Professionalism: Knowing and Doing, will examine ethical dilemmas in various dietetic practice settings.

We will discuss:
  • What is a Code of Ethics and why we need it;
  • The relationship between ethics and professionalism;
  • How focusing on values is needed to reach excellence in dietetic practice and enable ethical, safe practice; and
  • What it means to make a promise to society, to accept the responsibility and maintain the trust we have as regulated professionals.
We encourage all dietitians and dietetic interns to attend this interactive workshop. Participants will learn from their peers and apply their knowledge as we analyze several case scenarios from a variety of professional practice settings. 

College Update

We will also review the College highlights over the past year including activities from the Registration, Quality Assurance, Complaints and Discipline, Practice Advisory & Patient Relations Programs. Presenters will be available after the workshops to address further questions.

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