Fair Registration Practices

Like all professional regulatory bodies in Ontario, the College of Dietitians is accountable for:

  • Providing clear information about registration requirements, processes, timelines and fees
  • Making registration decisions, and provide written reasons for those decisions, within a reasonable time
  • Offering an internal review or appeal, including an opportunity for applicants to submit arguments and supporting documents
  • Informing applicants of any rights they have to request further review or to appeal the registration decision
  • Conducting assessments in a way that is transparent, objective, impartial and fair, and take reasonable measures to ensure external assessors conduct their own assessments in the same way
  • Ensuring adequate training of all individuals who assess qualifications or make registration decisions
  • Granting applicants access to records related to their application, upon written request and within certain legal limitations. 

In accordance with the law, the College submits a variety of reports to the Office of the Fairness Commissioner, including annual Fair Registration Practices Reports, Registration Practices Audits and Reviews.

Fair Registration Practices Reports

Please email information@collegeofdietitians.org to request an archived fair registration practices report.