Regulation Matters 2018 - Issue 1

2017 Boundary Crossings Workshop Evaluation Results

The College’s Practice Advisors thoroughly enjoyed delivering the boundary crossings workshops, and were very appreciative of the participant engagement and the interesting discussions that ensued throughout each presentation. 

300 attendees responded to our survey

  • 99% agreed or strongly agreed in the importance of identifying early warning signs of boundary crossings and the steps that can be taken to maintain appropriate professional relationships;
  • 99% agreed or strongly agreed that they understand some actions may appear harmless, but others can unintentionally (or intentionally) lead to a problematic boundary crossing if unchecked;
  • 100% are aware of the prohibition in law to avoid sexual relationships with my clients and their mandatory reporting obligations surrounding sexual abuse;
  • 100% are aware that treating a romantic partner/spouse is prohibited in law;
  • 100% feel confident in their ability to apply the concepts/information from the 2017 CDO workshop to maintain professional boundaries in their dietetic practice;
  • 99% are familiar with the resources related to boundary crossings to support dietetic practice; and
  • 92% agreed or strongly agreed that the workshop was a worthwhile learning experience.

Take-Home Messages

  • Gifts, even small can be a slippery slope.
  • While an action may appear fine, it may be inappropriate depending on the context.
  • There is a prohibition against treating spouse or romantic partner.
  • RDs must wait one year after the end of a therapeutic relationship to date a former client.
  • Many boundary crossings are not necessarily prohibited but are discouraged.
  • The workshop provided a good reminder about possible boundary issues that could arise and the red flags to look out for.
  • It was helpful to see the ways in which different boundary crossings could be analyzed and effectively managed.
  • Respecting boundaries is key to ensuring the highest trust and integrity in our professional relationships with clients.
  • While much of the info was familiar - the workshop just "brought it home"
  • Check with the College if you are in doubt - there are staff and resources there always willing to help

Respondents Also Noted

  • They liked the videos and interactive discussions
  • The game was a fun way to introduce the types of boundary crossings
  • There was a good mix of examples from a variety of practice settings
  • The workshop was too long and had too many scenarios
  • Include facilitation around how to communicate effectively and what to say during those critical conversations when RDs are faced with boundary concerns
  • It’s always nice to connect with the College and other RDs face-to-face

Suggestions for Future Workshop Topics

  • Managing stress and workload
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Interprofessional collaboration: understanding scope and overlapping scopes of practice
  • Lab test ordering authority
  • Assertiveness training
  • Privacy
  • Social media use
  • Record keeping
  • Effective communication
  • Top 10 questions received in the Practice Advisory Service
  • Authority Mechanisms
  • Private practice