Dietitians are regulated health professionals.
5 reasons why that matters for your family.

1. High Standards for Academic and Practical Training

Dietitians are a regulated health profession in Ontario. The College of Dietitians of Ontario is the regulatory body for dietitians. This means the College establishes and enforces standards for entry-to-practice, professional practice, ethics, professional conduct and for continuing competence. A high standard for academic and practical training must be achieved in order to practice as a Registered Dietitian in Ontario. So, when you visit a Registered Dietitian for nutrition advice, you can expect high quality care.

2.  Respectful Relationships

Dietitians are trained to maintain respectful and professional relationships with their clients. As a client, you have a right to clear, complete information. You also have the right to be involved in all decisions about your treatment, including consenting to or refusing treatment. The dietitian-client relationship is based on mutual trust and a philosophy of client-centred care. Dietitians put clients first.

3. Accountability

While anyone can legally provide nutrition advice in Ontario, what sets Registered Dietitians apart is that by law they are accountable to the College of Dietitians of Ontario to provide safe nutrition advice. Each dietitian must participate in the College’s Quality Assurance Program to ensure that they continue to practice safely and competently for their whole career.

4. A Formal Complaints Process is Available for the Public

The College of Dietitians of Ontario has a formal complaints process in place for anyone who has a concern or complaint about the services they have received from a dietitian. It has the responsibility and power to investigate all complaints. As a client and a member of the public, you may call the College any time for information about how to launch a complaint. For more informa
tion see

5. Dietitian is a Protected Professional Title

In Ontario, only members of the College of Dietitians of Ontario are authorized to call themselves a "dietitian”, “Registered. Dietitian”, or an “RD”. Anyone who is not a member of the College is prohibited from using these titles.

The best way to check that your nutrition provider is a qualified Registered Dietitian is to consult the Register of Dietitians. The Register shows whether a person is allowed to practice as a dietitian in Ontario. It also contains information about whether there are restrictions on a dietitian’s practice and gives important details about a dietitian’s registration history, including any disciplinary action. Click here to find a dietitian on the Register of Dietitians.