Low carb? High protein? Paleo? Juice fasts? What do I choose?

With so much nutrition news available today it’s hard to know what to believe or whom to trust. Is the information junk or genuine science? And what does a healthy plate look like in the fast-food age? A Registered Dietitian can help you make healthy food choices. They are trained nutrition experts, skilled in translating science and nutritional information into practical and healthy eating plans for you and your family.
Registered Dietitians work in a variety of places: hospitals, community health centres, long-term care, schools. Others are employed behind the scenes and influence what we eat every day. Public health programs, food policy, food product development and menu development are just some of the areas where they work. You might even find a dietitian to help you make good food choices at your sport club, your gym or at your grocery store.
While anyone can legally provide nutrition education and advice, what sets Registered Dietitians apart in Ontario is that they are regulated by the College of Dietitians of Ontario. This means that they are accountable to deliver safe, competent and ethical nutrition services. It also means that if you have concerns about the services you received from a dietitian, you can call the College for help.
The College of Dietitians of Ontario works for you, the public. We regulate the dietetic profession to make sure your Registered Dietitian meets high practice standards to offer safe nutrition advice. You can be confident that your Registered Dietitian can provide quality nutrition care to help you and your family eat better to stay healthy.
Check the Register of Dietitians to make sure your nutrition expert is a Registered Dietitian. Go to