Some you see; some work behind the scenes.

Registered Dietitians in Ontario are specially trained nutrition experts. They are skilled in translating medical and nutrition information into practical and healthy eating plans for you and your family”.
You can clearly see Registered Dietitians working in hospitals, community health centres, family health teams, long-term care, home care, schools, sports clubs, and your local grocery store. 

The Registered Dietitians you can’t see behind the scenes influence what we eat every day. They work in public health programs, food policy divisions of government and within consumer advocacy groups. Registered Dietitians who work in the food industry help develop food products like the breakfast cereal you eat every morning. Some food labels even claim that the product is “Registered Dietitian approved”. The healthy choice foods in restaurants and grocery stores may often be labelled by a Registered Dietitian. Some restaurant chains use Registered Dietitians to develop healthy meals and menu items.
Other Registered Dietitians you can’t see study the effects of foods and nutrition on human health. Their research work eventually impacts food and nutrition recommendations and how foods are developed and delivered to help you and your community eat better to stay healthy.

Registered Dietitians are held accountable by the College of Dietitians of Ontario for the quality of the services they offer no matter where they work. They are accountable for meeting high standards of conduct and practice through their entire career,
You can recognize Registered Dietitians in your community because they have the initials RD after their name. In Ontario, only a person registered with the College can use the name dietitian.

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