How To Obtain Liability Insurance

The College does not offer or endorse professional liability insurance. Members are free to explore coverage options as long as the insurance coverage meets the requirements stated in the College By-Law No. 5. An RD can obtain liability insurance through the following channels:

  1. An RD may be insured through an employer. If their insurance is held through an employer, RDs must be personally covered, meaning they are named in the employer’s policy or they are referenced by category of employee (e.g.,"all employees of XYZ company" or "Registered Dietitian") in the policy.

  2. Liability insurance for dietitians may be obtained directly through an insurance company. RDs have informed the College that liability insurance may now be obtained through HUB Sinclair Cockburn, Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd, or through Michael Palermo & Associates. Please note that these are Canadian insurance companies. If you are located outside of Canada, you must ensure that the insurance will cover dietetic practice where you are located. You should be aware that the requirements in By-Law No.5 refer to Canadian dollar amounts. You may need to adjust your coverage to account for currency exchange.

  3. Dietitians of Canada offers liability insurance for its members. The DC insurance meets the College By-Law requirements. Contact Dietitians of Canada.