Official Course Descriptions

Submit four (4) copies (1 original & 3 photocopies) of official course descriptions for all courses completed (e.g. program handbook, catalogue and syllabus). This documentation will assist the College Registration Committee determine whether the content of your degree is equivalent to the content of an accredited dietetic program in Canada. 
  • ­ If you are unable to provide an original copy of your course descriptions, submit a notarized or certified copy. The description must be for the years in which you attended the courses; 
  • ­ If you are unable to provide descriptions for the years you attended, submit available course descriptions with an official letter from the university that the course syllabus submitted is similar to the one used during your education. If there is any change in the descriptions, then the university letter should provide details of the changes. 
  • ­ For easy reference by our Registration Committee, if the page numbers of your course descriptions are not in one sequential order.  Please renumber the pages using a Blue Pen.