Regulation Matters 2019 - Issue 3

Communications Feedback - We heard you

In our recent member survey, a significant number of members suggested that we should communicate more often about College resources through our newsletters, emails and social media.  Members also suggested: 
  • topics for articles and new standards
  • having key points and 'what you should know' summaries in newsletter articles
  • more bullets
  • infographics to summarize information
  • using plain English
We heard you and we will improve our newsletter format to include these suggestions.  We are committed to constantly updating and improving our resources. Your comments helped us identify gaps in our communications and to prioritize our work to better meet your needs. Thank you to all dietitians who gave us feedback.

Thank you, also, for the compliments about our communications and the website. We appreciated those, too.  

More member suggestions

Listed below are more member suggestions, along with the solutions and improvements the College is planning for the future.

Post all the regulations in one well organized page with hyperlinks

When we updated the website in 2017, this is exactly what we did.  You can access the Legislation & By-Laws page by clicking on the Resources box, located on the main page of the website.

You may also be interested in the Standards and Guidelines  section, where the College's standards, guidelines, policies and position statements are all listed on one page with links to the documents.

scopes of practice posted on one page

Some members asked that the scopes of practice for dietitians be posted on one page. This page already exists. Go to the Jurisprudence and Professional Practice Resources section of the website and scroll down to the box that reads: Scope of Practice & Controlled Acts. We have recently updated that page to include an introduction, a definition of controlled acts along with the list of the 14 controlled acts and an explanation of delegation of controlled acts. 

Update on Ordering Lab Tests

In the survey, some members asked about the status of the College submission for the dietitian authority to order lab tests. On this page, there is a summary of the work that has been done  on ordering lab tests so far. Since our last submission, in February 2019, there has been no change in the status  and we are waiting for government direction on this work.

More practice scenarios online

We are currently working on this.  Each page in the Jurisprudence and Professional Practice Resources on our website, will eventually link to all the scenarios available about that topic. So far, we have updated the following sections with scenarios:  

Communicate more often about College resources

Many of you asked for shorter, more frequent publications. This is a great idea, and we will definitely improve on this front. We have already been using the newsletter, emails, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to communicate to members and other stakeholders, as needed. We will do this more often, and  keep the messages short. 

We are aware that everyone is bombarded with information, from everywhere. We want to make sure we are not overloading dietitians, so we will be mindful that our communications are timely and adding value to your practice.

summary of past newsletters and resources

Posting a summary of articles and resources is a great idea. Below is the list of key College articles published in 2019. Going forward, we will do this every year.

Newsletter Articles 2019, Regulation Matters, Issues 1 & 2.

  1. The Jurisprudence Knowledge and Assessment Tool
  2. Liability Insurance - Do you need it
  3. Do You Need  Co-Signature  or a  Directive to Implement a Diet Order?
  4. Proposed Amendments to the Registration Regulation
  5. Update On OHIP+: Children and Youth Pharmacare
  6. Have you seen our new resources?
  7. What It Means to Be Ethical
  8. Is Dietetic Counselling Psychotherapy?
  9. New Legislation Applies to Dietitians
  10. How to Verify Your College Registration History

  11. Interjurisdictional Practice

  12. Professional Practice vs Professional Development

Resources and News Items

  1. Code of Ethics
  2. Registration Requirements for Interjurisdictional Practice 
  3. Collaborative Care Professional Practice Guidelines for Registered Dietitians in Ontario
  4. Minimizing the Risk of Abandoned Health Records
  5. Are you thinking of going on leave or resigning?
  6. HICs Must Report Privacy Breaches