Regulation Matters 2019 - Issue 3

Accountable Planning

Moving Ahead with a New Strategic Plan

The College has been working hard on a new strategic plan to take us through the next several years. This is the second strategic planning process I have been a part of since joining the College in 2015. I can safely say that these experiences have been great examples of the approach we aim to achieve in our work: thoughtful, collaborative, evidence-based, reflective, purposeful, principled and most of all, accountable.

I’ve written in the past about how I believe that good process drives good decisions, and the strategic plan is no exception. Before Council approves a new plan in March 2020, we will have collected information from the public, dietitians, other Ontario regulators, other Canadian dietetic colleges, government, educators, Council members and staff. A detailed process was carefully implemented to ensure that important perspectives, opportunities and information were gathered and considered. All of this work was done with our public protection mandate firmly front of mind: to regulate the profession of dietetics to ensure safe, ethical and competent practice. Watch for our new plan in the spring.

A crucial part of this process is the feedback we received from 488 dietitians in response to our survey. The responses are relevant not just at the strategic planning level but will contribute invaluably to the development of our project plans going forward. A big thank you to all who responded.