Regulation Matters 2020 Issue 2, August

Message from the Registrar & ED

Melisse Willems MA, LLB

Over the last five months we have all been inundated with information about COVID-19. Every day there are new stories about vaccine trials, masks, stages of opening, case counts, outbreaks, physical distancing, and so on. If you have found this information a varying mix of helpful, confusing and sometimes, frankly, downright bewildering, you are not alone.

One of our jobs at the College is to sift through dense legal material from a variety of sources to make sure we communicate the key information you need to know to practice safely within the law. This work has been even more challenging during the pandemic. To help dietitians navigate through the new healthcare expectations, we have been hard at work to collect, process and communicate information relevant to dietetic care in all areas of practice. In doing so, we grappled with the fine line between how much information was too much and how much was not enough. In the COVID-19 flood of information, we thought hard about providing the right information, at the right time and in the right way. Was this enough?

Your Input is Important

While the situation in Ontario has improved and the province continues to open up, we, like many others, are preparing for whatever the fall may bring. Before then, we would like to hear from you about how we have been doing: what have we done well, what should we stop doing and what we can add to help dietitians provide safe, ethical and competent care during this pandemic. We have created a brief survey to collect your thoughts and experiences to help guide our continued pandemic response. We always appreciate your feedback and look forward to reading your valuable comments.

Your comments are due September 7, 2020: Access the survey link here.