Frequently Asked Questions

Can a temporary member use the dietitian title?

Yes, to learn please click here.

How do I confirm that a member has paid their fees and is in good standing with the College?

Consult the Register of Dietitians to make sure a member is in good standing with the College.

When is the best time to check the register to confirm that RDs have renewed their College registration?

Suspensions for non-payment of fees and not completing renewal occur in early December.   Renewal deadline is October 31. Members can renew their membership between September 1 – October 31. If the member’s record shows a “valid through” date of October 31 of the current year, it means they have not yet renewed.  If it shows valid through October 31 of following year, the member has renewed.

When will a Temporary Member receive exam results?

Exam results will be released to candidates in late January for the November administration and late June for the May administration of the exam.

Can a temporary member who has failed the exam for the first time continue to use the RD title while their employer prepares a supervision plan for College approval?

If the employer agrees to a supervision plan, the temporary member can continue to use the RD title.

if their employer informs a temporary member that they will not be preparing a supervision plan for College approval, ​the temporary member must stop practicing immediately.