Incapacity & Fitness to Practice committee

The responsibility of the Fitness to Practice Committee is to provide a fair review of all matters regarding the potential incapacity of members to practice safely. 

When the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee receives reports from employers or other professional that a member may be incapacited, after an investigation, it may refer the member to the Fitness to Practice Committee. 

The Fitness to Practice Committee may hold a hearing to determine whether a dietitian is suffering from a physical or mental condition or disorder that is affecting, or could affect their practice, and if so, what action may be necessary to protect the public.  

Committee Decisions

 A Fitness to Practice hearing is a formal hearing  usually closed to the public. After hearing the evidence, if a Fitness to Practice Panel finds that a member is incapacitated, it can take one or more of the following actions: 

  • Revoke the member's certificate of registration;
  • Suspend the member's certificate of registration; 
  • Impose terms, conditions and limitations on the member's certificate of registration for a specified or indefinite period. 

The member may appeal the decision of the Fitness to Practice panel to the Divisional Court.