Canadian Dietetic Registration Examination

The Canadian Dietetic Registration Examination (CDRE) is a computer-based multiple choice exam required by every Canadian Province, except Quebec. The exam is offered twice a year, in the spring and fall.

Exam Preparation Guide

Take time to review the CDRE Preparation Guide for detailed information on the CDRE policies and procedures, as well as how to prepare for the CDRE.

Qualifying for the Exam

To qualify for the exam, you must apply to be a member of the College, meet all the requirements for membership, and receive confirmation that you are eligible to write the exam. Click here for information on applying to the College.

  • A candidate must successfully complete the examination within four years of being deemed eligible. 
  • An applicant who fails the exam on the first attempt may write it a second time. 
  • An applicant who fails on the second attempt is not eligible to continue in the examination process without further education and training and a new application to the College. 
  • A candidate may attempt the exam no more than three times.

Special Accommodations

If you have a disability, temporary disability or a special condition and wish to request a special accommodation, you must request this in writing by the examination application deadline. The request must be from a regulated health professional, who is specialized in assessing individuals with the type of disability or special condition.

A request for accommodation related to breastfeeding does not require documentation from a regulated health professional, but a written request outlining the accommodation is required.
Please refer to Appendix D ‘CDRE Candidates Requiring Accommodation’ within the CDRE Preparation Guide for the complete procedure and process on requesting an accommodation.

Exam Format

  • The CDRE is a computer-based, multiple choice exam.
  • It is written over four hours
  • The CDRE is bilingual.  Candidates will be able to view all questions in both English and French

Testing Centers in Canadian Cities

The exam is administered online at testing centers in several cities throughout Canada. Subject to availability, you may choose to complete the exam in any city or province where the exam is being offered. Availability at each testing center is limited, so applicants are encouraged to register early and must be prepared to travel.

There is no additional cost for writing the exam at any existing exam facility.

Scheduling the exam

The CDRE is written twice per year, in the spring and fall. The CDRE is offered over a period of six (6) days. Once you have been deemed eligible to write the CDRE and paid the fees, you will receive instructions about how to schedule the exam through an online scheduling system. You must schedule an appointment to write the exam on one (1) of these six (6) days.

Key Dates

Activity/Timeline Spring
Exam period - Schedule your exam on one of six days May 11-16, 2020
Deadline for submitting complete Application (i.e. all required documents must be received by the College) Non-Accredited Programs Applicants: February 17, 2020

Accredited Program Applicants: April 9, 2020
Deadline to pay CDRE fees  April 20, 2020
Deadline to submit request for special accommodations to write the CDRE. 

This deadline includes all supporting documentation as required in Appendix D "CDRE Candidates Requiring Accommodations" fo the CDRE Preparation Guide.

March 2, 2020