KCAT Demonstrating Academic Currency

Demonstrating Academic Currency for Eligibility to Apply to Accredited Practical Training Programs in Ontario
Students who have completed an accredited undergraduate nutrition degree more than three years ago must demonstrate their academic currency before they are eligible to apply to accredited practical training programs in Ontario.

An applicant is deemed to have academic currency if they have written the College’s Knowledge and Competence Assessment Tool (KCAT) and obtained a Level I result.
The KCAT is currently administered annually in February.

For more information about the KCAT and the next administration date, please refer to Step 2 here. To apply to write the next KCAT administration, please complete the KCAT for Demonstrating Currency application form.
Application fee to determine eligibility to write the KCAT $185
Fee to write the KCAT - maximum of three attempts $400 per attempt

For more information on accredited practical training programs in Ontario, refer to the Partnership for Dietetic Education and Practice (PDEP) website