Regulation Matters 2020 - Issue 1, May

Council Election Results

Districts 2 and 4

Congratulations! It is our pleasure to welcome back to Council Lesia Kicak RD and Kerri Labrecque RD,  for a further three-year term as Councillors, which will begin at the June 19,  2020 Council meeting. 

Lesia Kicak BASc MSc RD
District 2

Lesia was elected to fill a vacancy from June 2019 to June 2020.  In this election she was acclaimed as Councillor for another three-year term, form June 2020-June 2023. 

Lesia Kicak served as a College Counciller from 2008-2014 and as President from 2009-2011.  She is currently the College President.  Her career in dietetics has included publications, research, lecturing, academic advisory, critical care, and leadership at Hamilton Health Sciences.
Lesia holds a Bachelor of Applied Science from the University of Guelph, and a Master of Science from the University of Toronto.  She is also a graduate of the Health Leaders Institute.

Kerri LaBrecque, RD, CDE
District 4

In September 2019, Kerri was acclaimed in a by-election to fill a vacancy until June 2020. In April she was elected to serve an additional three-year term from June 2020 to June 2023.

Kerri received her Bachelor of Science degree in Nutritional Sciences at McGill University in 2007.  Most of her career has been spent at the Ottawa Hospital as a front-line clinician and in leadership roles. The latter has involved overseeing professional practice of dietitians to ensure that they are adhering to safe, ethical, competent and quality practice. 
Quality improvement (QI) has been at the forefront of her career, and she is presently sitting on The Ottawa Hospital Board Quality Committee.

Kerri has had the extreme pleasure of being part of the College Council since September 2019. As Councillor, she was involved in developing the College’s new 4-year strategic plan and is thrilled to have the opportunity to see some of these goals come to fruition.