Regulation Matters 2020 - Issue 1, May

The College's New Strategic Plan 2020-2024

A Renewed Sense of Focus and Direction

Council approved the College’s strategic plan for 2020-2024 with a renewed sense of focus and direction with specific actions and targeted measures that clearly articulate the College’s objectives. In this new plan, we have revised our mission statement and adopted four new goals Over the next four years, we will build on our accomplishments to advance our mandate of public protection.

Updated Mission Statement: The College of Dietitians of Ontario regulates dietitians for public protection

Our updated mission statement reaffirms our commitment to public protection. At its core, the purpose of the College has always been to protect the public by regulating dietitians practicing in Ontario. For this reason, we simplified our mission by putting the focus exactly where it should be: on protecting the public interest.

Goal 1: Measure and report its regulatory performance to the public

We are accountable to the public for achieving our mandate. To support this, we will be developing and implementing a new framework to better measure and report on our performance. Our goal is to capture results and translate them into clear, transparent and meaningful information, for the public, our membership and stakeholders. In addition to providing confidence in the College’s ability to regulate dietitians, improving our performance measurement will help ensure effective delivery of services and efficient use of resources.

Goal 2: Communicate effectively to support the public’s understanding of the College’s mandate, services and resources.

A crucial step in achieving our mandate is to ensure the public, dietitians and stakeholders are aware of what we do, the services we offer and the resources available. For this reason, we have made it our goal to increase their understanding of our role by developing communication strategies to enhance awareness of the College. To ensure the effectiveness of these communications strategies, we will seek regular audience feedback to measure the impact and make improvements and enhancements where required.  

Goal 3: Decisions will be made in accordance with a risk (harm reduction) framework.

Our commitment to risk-based regulation is highlighted in this goal. We will continue to develop new decision-making tools designed to improve risk assessment and ensure that harm reduction is a primary consideration in all College decisions. To accomplish this, we will build a framework to provide a process for ensuring optimal decisions, consistent with our goals and mandate, are reached.

Goal 4: Update its governance model in accordance with evidence-based practices.

Good governance is essential to the effective and responsible management of the College and key to moving the strategic plan forward. New evidence has changed our understanding of best practices for decision-making and we recognize that our current governance structure could be improved. Over the next four years, we plan to modernize our governance structure in accordance with the research-backed principles of regulatory reform. This will allow the College to enhance public protection by effectively and efficiently responding to the evolving needs of Ontarians, the current health systems and modern dietetic practices.
By 2024, the College will look different than it does today, but our commitment to innovation and regulatory excellence will remain the same. We are eager to begin this new chapter as we work towards new initiatives and organizational growth.
View the College’s Strategic Plan 2020-2024.