The College Council governs the College of Dietitians of Ontario and is responsible for establishing the policies, programs, and standards that regulate the profession of dietetics.

The job of the Council is to regulate and support the dietetic profession in Ontario in keeping with the statutory duty and objects given in the Regulated Health Professions Act and to govern the College of Dietitians of Ontario.


With respect to regulating the dietetic profession, the responsibilities of the Council are to:

  • make, amend or revoke regulations as laid out in the Dietitians Act and the Regulated Health Professions Acts and as required by the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care;
  • ensure the proper constitution of Committees and tribunals as required by legislation;
  • identify quality standards;
  • advocate for public policies to protect Ontarians against ineffective, unethical or unsafe dietetic practices;
  • provide linkage with the people of Ontario;
  • ensure appropriate evaluation of its regulatory work; and

With respect to governing the College of Dietitians of Ontario, the responsibilities of the Council are to:

  • act as the link between the College and the people of Ontario;
  • write governing policies addressing the College Mission, regulatory obligations, strategic goals, outcomes and finances;
  • oversee and monitor committee work;
  • oversee College operations; and
  • oversee and monitor the Registrar& Executive Director's performance against job description and accomplishment with respect to pre-determined indicators and executive limitations; and
  • report annually to the Minister on its activities and the financial affairs of the College.

Council Composition

Council is composed of eight councillors who are Registered Dietitians elected by members of the College and seven public councillors appointed by order in Council as approved by the Provincial Cabinet. Together, they set the direction for the College's work and make decisions based on their mandate to operate in the best interest of the public.

The College President is the Chair of the Council and the Executive Committee. The President acts as a liaison between the Council and Staff.

The Executive Committee, composed of the President, Vice President and two other members of Council, acts for Council between Council meetings with respect to matters that require immediate attention. The committee members are nominated and elected from Council by the Council members at the first Council meeting of the year, usually held in June.

The Registrar & Executive Director reports to Council and is responsible for managing the operations and affairs of the College.



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