board of directors

The Board of Directors provides strategic and policy direction for the College. It makes decisions to protect and promote the public interest, as set out in the  Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991Management carries out the Board’s direction and the day-to-day work of CDO, which is overseen by the Registrar & Executive Director.

Scheduled Board meetings are held four times a year – June, September, December and March – and are open to the public to observe virtually. Meeting details and materials, approved minutes and meeting highlights are posted to the College's website.

The Board is composed of dietitians (professional directors), who are elected by registrants, and members of the public (public directors) who are appointed by the Lieutenant Governor-in-Council.
At the first meeting of the term, the Board elects a Chair and Vice-Chair from among the directors. The Chair provides strategic leadership and serves as the most senior officer of the Board. The Vice-Chair assists in the leadership of the Board and College and fulfills the Chairs duties when they are unavailable.

The Board’s duties include:

  • Governing the dietetic profession in Ontario in the public’s interest
  • Establishing CDO’s strategic direction and monitoring the progress
  • Managing risk
  • Providing financial oversight
  • Monitoring performance of the Registrar and the organization
  • Maintaining good governance
  • Operating within the laws, regulations and by-laws
Bylaw 1 outlines the operations of the Board with further guidance provided by the Governance Manual

Committees supplement the work of the Board by making recommendations for the Board’s considerations.

Current directors

  • Ann Watt, RD – Chair
  • Brenda Murphy
  • Dawn Van Engelen, RD
  • Denis Tsang, RD – Vice-Chair
  • Donna Hennyey, RD
  • Galina Semikhnenko
  • John Regan
  • Julie Slack, RD
  • Navita Viveky, RD
  • Raynold D'Sa
  • Santhikumar Chandrasekharan
  • Teresa Taillefer, RD