legal and professional Standards

In Ontario, the profession of dietetics is regulated by law. The law requires the College to regulate the profession to ensure that RDs meet legal and professional standards for safe, ethical and quality health care. 


There are several pieces of legislation that outline the professional obligations for regulated health care professionals, including RDs:


Many Acts authorize the making of further law through regulations without having to go to the legislature again. Regulations relevant to dietetic practice appear under the RHPA, the Dietetics Act, the Public Hospitals Act and the Home Care and Community Services Act, 1994

College By-Laws

The College also has by-laws that deal with internal administrative matters, such as elections to the Council, composition of committees, fees, the content of the register of members, and the reporting of information by members to the College. RDs should be familiar with the by-laws as they pertain directly to the practice of the dietetic profession in Ontario.  


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