Suspensions and Recovations

A member's Certificate of Registration may be suspended or revoked by the College:

  • As a result of a College finding that a member has committed an act of professional misconduct, is not competent or is not fit to practice.
  • For non-compliance with renewal requirements. If the member does not renew before the October 31 deadline, the College is required to send a written notice of the intention to suspend the member. If the member does not complete their renewal within 30 days after the late notice is sent, their certificate will be suspended. The member's certificate is revoked if the member does not comply with the renewal requirement within 6 months of the suspension.
  • For not having professional liability insurance or for not responding to a request from the College to provide proof of professional liability insurance coverage.

What happens when a member’s certificate of registration is suspended or revoked?

  1.   Under the Dietetics Act, 1991, a member who is suspended or revoked is prohibited from using the title "dietitian," a variation or abbreviation or an equivalent in another language, and is prohibited from holding himself or herself out as a person who is qualified to practice in Ontario as a dietitian or in a specialty of dietetics.
  2.   A notice of the suspension or revocation appears in the College’s newsletter.
  3.   The College informs the member’s last employer on record that the member has been suspended or revoked and is no longer in good standing with the College.
  4.   The fact that a member was suspended or revoked appears indefinitely on the Register of Dietitians.