Liability Insurance

Mandatory for All Members

Liability insurance is mandatory for all College members — temporary and general — who practice dietetics as defined in College's Definition of Practicing Dietetics

If you are practicing dietetics in any capacity, you must have insurance.  This requirement applies even if you are:

  1. Practicing outside of Ontario/Canada
  2. Not working directly with patients
  3. Doing volunteer work
You are not required to hold liability insurance if:
  1. You work outside of dietetics and are not practicing dietetics (see Definition of Practicing Dietetics);
  2. Your are not working, for example, you are unemployed or you are on a leave such as mat-leave.

Coverage Required

College By-Law 5, Professional Liability Insurance Coverage Requirements for Members, stipulates the minimum insurance coverage and deductible required as follows:

1.01 A member engaging in the practice of dietetics shall maintain professional liability insurance coverage with the following characteristics:

a. The minimum coverage shall be no less than $2,000,000 per occurrence.
b. The aggregate coverage shall be no less than $5,000,000.
c. The deductible shall be no more than $1,000.

Under the Registration Regulation, the College has authority to suspend members who do not carry liability insurance while practicing or who do not provide proof of their liability insurance coverage when asked to do so by the College.

College members who are not practicing (e.g. unemployed or on leave), or who are not practicing dietetics are do not need liability insurance.

How to obtain liability insurance

Members are free to explore coverage options as long as the insurance coverage meets the requirements stated in the College By-Law No. 5.

You can obtain liability insurance through one of the following:

  1. Your employer’s insurance.  If you rely on your employer’s insurance, you are responsible for confirming that:
    1. The insurance meets the requirements set out in by-law #5
    2. You are personally covered (either your name appears on the insurance certificate or the certificate lists a category of employees, e.g. “All employees of XYZ company” or “Registered Dietitian”)
    3. Your employer will be able to provide you with documentation confirming your insurance coverage within a reasonable timeframe if the College requests for you to provide proof of your insurance coverage.
  2. Dietitians of Canada offers liability insurance for its members. The DC insurance meets the College By-Law requirements. Contact Dietitians of Canada. If you are outside of Canada, consult with Prolink (DC’s insurance provider) to confirm whether they cover dietetic practice in the country where you are practicing. 
  3. A private insurance company. Dietitians have reported purchasing professional liability insurance through a number of insurance companies. To explore your options, search online for “Ontario dietitian professional liability insurance”.

Important Note:

These are Canadian insurance companies. If you are located outside of Canada, you must ensure that the insurance will cover dietetic practice where you are located. You must also ensure that you account for currency exchange. The minimum coverage in by-law #5 is in Canadian dollars.