Virtual CAre,
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Virtual care refers to dietetic care that is not delivered in-person. It is delivered via social media and other remote technologies. Similar terms are telepractice, web-based counselling and remote practice or care.

Virtual care can be given live, in real time, via video and audio technologies, or in written formats via secured emails and texting. It may involve:   

  • Nutrition assessments and re-assessments
  • Nutrition treatment interventions, including any monitoring and evaluation related to the treatment or intervention 
  • Client/Caregiver education and/or training - related to nutrition care and/or to support client care – individually or in a group
  • As a compliment to essential dietetic “hands-on” care
  • Replacing in-person care when a physical visit is not possible, or when it is necessary (as during the pandemic)
  • Other services approved by employers or government agencies 

Virtual care might not be right for every client.

Dietitians are urged to use professional judgement in determining which clients can be treated virtually and which should be treated in person. The same professional and regulatory obligations apply to virtual care as apply to in-person care, including the Code of Ethicspractice standards, and legislation

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