practicing fewer than 500 hours in 3 years

Ensuring Continued Competence for Dietitians practicing fewer than 500 Hours in 3 Years

An unrestricted certificate of registration with the College means that an RD has maintained competence to practice dietetics in Ontario. The Quality Assurance (QA) Program has the responsibility to assess RDs who have not practiced at least 500 hours over the past three years to determine their competence. Annually, at renewal of membership, every member must declare their practice hours in the last three years. Members who declare fewer than 500 hours of practice in the past three years are referred to the QA Committee.

What happens when a dietitian practices fewer than 500 hours in 3 years?

RDs who practice fewer than 500 hours fall into 2 categories.

Category 1: RDs who, for various reasons, do not practice dietetics.

For RDs who do not practice, the College understands that maintaining the dietitian credential is personally important and that it may lend added credibility to their work even if it is not, at this time, in dietetics.

Because of this, members who are not practicing dietetics but who wish to maintain their membership may sign a voluntary undertaking agreeing not to practice dietetics unless they undergo a practice assessment and remediation as directed by the QA Committee. Non-practicing RDs who choose not to sign a voluntary undertaking may choose to undergo an evaluation of their professional development by submitting a learning diary.

Category 2: RDs who practice fewer than 500 hours in three years.

Each year, these RDs must submit a learning diary outlining their professional development. Their practice hours along with their professional development activities will be evaluated.

Evaluation of Learning Diaries

Trained RD assessors evaluate learning diaries and the QA Committee will consider this evaluation and any subsequent submission from the member to determine the direction for remediation as required.

Once an RD has completed the evaluation and any remediation required, they will be placed in a pool of members practicing fewer than 500 hours to be randomly selected for a Practice Assessment.