Regulation Matters 2020, Issue 3, December

Survey Provides Insight Into College Pandemic Communication

The College asked members for feedback from July 30-September 7, 2020 about our communications during the first wave of COVID-19. We wanted to assess what we did well, what we should stop doing, and what we could add to help dietitians provide safe, ethical and competent care to assist with the planning for the second wave of the pandemic.

378 dietitians (~9% of members) responded to the survey. 


CDO Response to Survey Feedback

In the past few months, we have all been faced with uncertainty and changes to our regular practice routines due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We might not have all the answers right now, but we want to let you know we are here – listening and acting within the scope of our mandate to achieve collaborative, evidence-based, and most of all, accountable work.

In response to your feedback:

  • We have established weekly meetings for staff to collaborate on communication updates during the pandemic.

  • Our Practice Advisors will host more webinars to discuss complex issues related to the pandemic as they arise.

  • Your input will be considered in our plans for future communications and resources for dietitians.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to everyone who responded to the survey. A summary of survey responses is below. Thank you.

OVerall, COMMUNICATION valued 

Overall, the feedback about College communication during the pandemic to date was positive. Survey respondents felt that communication from the College provided a valuable resource for dietitians in practice. Some members commented that they appreciated that the College sought feedback. The following themes emerged from your comments.

Most survey respondents appreciated the frequency of communications by email on  the COVID-19 Updates page and from the Practice Advisory Service. In addition, communication about the deferrals of the Jurisprudence Knowledge and Assessment Tool (JKAT) and the Peer and Practice Assessments (PPA) were appreciated along with the Registrar’s messages about the pandemic.

We appreciate receiving feedback on improving our communications. Data drives good decisions, and we will consider your input as we plan for future communications and resources for members. Thank you.