Regulation Matters 2018 - Issue 1

Clinic Regulation Working Group Project Ends

Since 2015, the College of Dietitians of Ontario has worked with 11 other health regulatory colleges on the Clinic Regulation Working Group to explore risks associated with a gap identified in clinic oversight in Ontario. The Working Group conducted research into the issue, held consultations to gather input from a variety of stakeholders and developed a range of potential approaches that might help to address concerns.

Since submitting the report, the Working Group has had ongoing discussions to ensure that the Ministry is aware of the gap in clinic oversight and its associated risks, and engage in discussions about next steps. Throughout, Ministry staff have indicated interest in the Working Group’s initiatives and have been receptive to further discussion.

However, it is the Working Group’s understanding that the Ministry is currently focused on other priorities, and cannot make concrete commitments to take action to address the clinic regulation issue at this time. Accordingly, the Working Group believes that any further action at this time would not be fruitful and has agreed to formally conclude the project.

The Working Group members are very pleased with the collaboration that took place on this important project to pursue the public interest. We sincerely thank our members and stakeholders for their engagement and input throughout this project.