Fair and Objective Registration Practices

The College of Dietitians is accountable to the Fairness Commissioner transparent, objective, impartial and fair registration practices. A report is filed to the Fairness Commissioner on the results and processes of registration practices when requested to do so and by the date specified by the Commissioner. The registration review includes:
  1. the extent to which the requirements for registration are necessary for or relevant to the practice of the profession;
  2. the efficiency and timeliness of decision-making; and
  3. the reasonableness of registration fees.

The Registration program ensures that:

  • Only qualified and competent people become RDs in Ontario
  • Only College members use the RD title
  • Registration practices are fair, objective, transparent and impartial
  • The Register of Dietitians is accurate and current
  • Financial resources are available to regulate and support RDs in the interest of the public

The Registration program is responsible for :

  • Establishing the standards of qualification for persons to be issued a Certificate of Registration
  • Providing information to the public and applicants about the registration process
  • Assessing qualifications
  • Administering equivalency assessments
  • Issuing certificates of registration
  • Registration renewals - information collection and payment
  • Investigating and handling inappropriate use of the RD title