Annual Renewal Frequently Asked Questions

Annual Registration Renewal FAQ

This is my first time renewing my registration with the College. How should I prepare?
The College has an Annual Renewal Guide that covers everything you need to know about annual renewal and includes screenshots of the renewal pages.

The College recommends you use Google Chrome as your internet browser to complete your renewal. Before you start, clear the cookies and cache from your internet browser. An online search in your browser will show you how.
What username and password do I use to log in to my registrant dashboard?
Your username is your College Registrant ID. If you have forgotten your College ID, search for your name on the College’s Public Register of Dietitians.

 If you have forgotten your password, or are not sure you remember it, please reset it.
To reset your password: 
  1. On the log-in page, click on ‘Forgot My Password’. 
  2. You will be sent an email to the address we have on file for you with a link that will enable you to reset your password. 
NOTE: Make sure the email address we have on file is current and accessible, or you will not be able to change your password. 
NOTE: Passwords must contain at least seven characters with at least one numeric character and at least one alphabetic character. If you enter your current password and it doesn’t meet these requirements, a system message will appear prompting you to reset it. 
I’m locked out of my registrant dashboard. How can I unlock my account?
You will be locked out after five (5) failed attempts of entering your password incorrectly. Staff can only reset this during regular business hours of Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EDT. Please call the College at 416-598-1725/1-800-668-4990 ext. 395 to unlock your account or email:
How do I request an extension to complete my annual renewal?
The College will consider granting renewal extensions, without a late fee, upon request. Extensions will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Please complete the extension request form and College staff will follow up with you. 
How do I enter my employment information if my employer is not listed in the drop-down menu?
If your employer is not listed in the drop-down menu, check the box to add your employer information manually. Please read carefully and enter the information that corresponds with the respective text fields (e.g., your postal code in the postal code field).
How do I enter my employment information if I work at multiple locations for the same employer?
If you work at more than one site for the same employer, you are only required to provide the site that represents your mailing address.
What employment address should I use if I am a private practice/self-employed dietitian and work from home?
If you work from home and/or provide virtual dietetic services out of your home, then your employment address would be your home address. The Public Register of Dietitians does not identify that this is your home address, it only lists your employer address.

Your clients, the College, and members of the public need to be able to contact you. This could be for any number of circumstances, including requesting access/copies of client health records.

All private practice dietitians who work from home are required to list their home address unless there is a risk to you or another individual. For any concerns, please contact the College at:

How do I delete an employer?
You may no longer completely delete an employer from your registrant profile. To remove an employer, go to the Employment page, click on ‘edit’ and specify an end date. The end date cannot be a future date; it must be the current day or a previous date.
I am a private practice dietitian, what formal arrangement do I need for my client health records?
Dietitians must have plans in place in the event of a change in practice due to their sudden incapacity, death, bankruptcy, or retirement. For more information about managing client health records, please click here.
Why is my education summary required and why is this not updated on my College profile?
The College has copies of your academic and practical training documents on file from your initial registration. Additional education completed since registration (e.g., graduate studies), is currently being updated. We appreciate your patience as we work through updating this information for all our registrants.

Please use the text box at renewal to specify additional education information, as applicable. If you identify any errors in your current education information, please email the correction to:
What information do I need to provide at annual renewal for my liability insurance coverage?
You will be asked to answer a declaration question at annual renewal to confirm and verify you have sufficient liability insurance coverage through your employer and/or individual policy. Registrants are NOT required to show proof of liability insurance coverage at annual renewal.

Make sure you have sufficient coverage. Click here for more information about liability insurance.
Why has the College’s annual renewal fee and late fees increased?
The College’s Board of Directors approved a fee increase for 2023 annual renewal of two per cent ($13) to $654. The increase followed a consultation process with registrants and is the first annual increase since 2019. The decision to increase fees was a difficult one for the Board but was ultimately necessary for the financial operations of the College. For more information, visit How College Fees Are Set.

The increases to the late renewal fee in 2022 and the admin fee for late SDL Tool submissions in 2023 was implemented as cost-recovery.
Is there a reduced fee for registrants on leave?
There is no option to put a hold on your registration or pay reduced fees while you are on leave. If you remain registered with the College, you remain a regulated professional and entitled to use the title of RD.

The cost of regulating the dietetics profession does not change significantly when you are not practising or on leave. The law sets out the responsibilities of a regulatory College, including maintaining a website and Public Register of Dietitians, the processes in place to receive and investigate complaints from the public, and having programs for registration and quality assurance. The costs of regulation are shared by all registrants, regardless of their employment or working status.

For more information, visit How College Fees Are Set.

How do I show my employer I am registered with the College?
All current and former registrants are listed on the College’s Public Register of Dietitians. Your employer can confirm that you are a current registrant of the College by searching for your name on the Public Register. If the Current Status field is Active, and the Valid Through date are current, this indicates you are an active registrant of the College. Click here for more information about what is displayed on the Public Register.
Where can I access my payment receipts?
The last three years of your payment receipts are posted on your registrant dashboard within five business days of being processed. Log in to your registrant dashboard and then click on Print Receipts on the left-hand side. You can download as many copies as needed, anytime.
What forms of payment does the College accept?
The College accepts online payments via Visa, Mastercard, or Visa/Mastercard debit card. If you cannot pay your annual renewal fee online via credit or debit card, please contact: 

All renewal fees must be paid in full; the College does not offer payment installment plans.
Can I make changes to my annual renewal information after I submit?
If you inadvertently made an error on your annual renewal after you submit and need to make a correction, contact:

How can I resign my registration?
If you wish to resign from the College, log in to your registrant dashboard and select Resign Registration on the left-hand side. Specify the reason for your resignation and the effective date of your resignation. The College will keep your registration documentation on file indefinitely, should you wish to reapply again in the future. For more information about resigning from the College, click here.
Am I eligible for a refund of my registration fees if I resign?
According to College Bylaw 2: Fees, if a registrant who paid the annual registration fee resigns or dies prior to May 1st of the current registration year, a refund will be issued to the former registrant or their estate, as applicable. The amount of the refund will be determined by the total annual fee, divided by 12 months, multiplied by the number of months remaining (excluding the current month of the effective date of resignation) within the annual registration period, rounded up to the nearest dollar.