Update your contact information 

Update Your profile within 30 days of a change

Not receiving correspondence from the College is never an acceptable excuse for missing a deadline or for not complying with a College requirement. The College sends all important notices with several reminders well ahead of deadlines.

In spite of these notices and reminders, we hear from some members that they did not receive the important information they needed to comply with College requirments on time. Usually, this happens because their email or contact information was not updated in their College profile when they moved or changed their work place. Click here to see what happened when some members failed to update their contact information.

To ensure that you keep receiving important notices and reminders, inform the College of any change in your contact information within 30 days of any change.


Log on to your member dashboard and click on Update My Profile to change:
  • personal contact information
  • employment contact details
  • changes in work status 

For information about name changes, click here.

Under the Professional Misconduct Regulation (s. 35.2), “Failing to inform the Registrar of a change of any information required to be contained in the College’s register within 30 days after the change occurring”, is considered professional misconduct.